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What is this? Let's Play Music carefully trains competent musicians to teach our method. The training process includes 1-day seminars each of the three years and also year round coaching and mentoring.

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If you are interested in becoming a teacher,  start by filling out the "All the Details" form and submit an application.   You will receive 'all the details' on cost to become a teacher, time commitment and other obligations.  Click on the 'Training Seminar' tab for application deadlines to the seminar you wish to attend.

We hope you'll join is in the many benefits of being a Let's Play Music teacher!

  • Teach pre-school aged children during school hours!
  • Increased income potential with classes rather than private students!
  • Detailed lesson plans, weekly theory assignments, teaching aids, business management forms, and promotional materials provided!
  • Exciting, fast paced, fun-filled lessons with high energy interaction!
  • The most fun you’ll ever have teaching music!
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