Why Become a Teacher? 

Let's Play Music offers great music job opportunities in teaching! Our teachers enjoy a great source of revenue while doing what they love...teaching music! Let's look at the reasons teachers are choosing to become a teacher. 

  • Teach preschool-aged children during school with minimal afternoon teaching.
  • Increased income potential with group classes rather than private students.
  • Detailed lesson plans, theory assignments, teaching aids, business management forms, and promotional materials are provided.
  • Exciting, age-appropriate, fun-filled lessons with high-energy interaction.
  • Plus, unparalleled teacher training, support, and collaboration.

Join us and experience the most fun you’ll ever have teaching music! 

           Do I Have What It Takes?

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Becoming a teacher is the perfect fit for enthusiastic, organized, confident, and professional entrepreneurs. Previous experience with teaching, student recruiting, running a business, and a willingness to share your passion are advantageous. Open the link to see if you meet the teacher and musical requirements, and then take the Self Evaluation Survey by clicking the button above. *Piano skills are not required for teaching the Sound Beginnings Curriculum.  

Which Curriculum Is Right For Me?

Let's determine which curriculum fits your lifestyle the best. This overview will be helpful in deciding. 

Most applicants begin by teaching the Let's Play Music curriculum and add additional curricula after completing the 3rd Year of Let's Play Music. It is also common to *combo train for both Sound Beginnings and either Let's Play Music or the Presto curriculum at the beginning. (*We don't permit Let's Play Music/ Presto combo training.) 

Ask yourself the following questions and then analyze the Curriculum Comparison Chart to make your selection.

Which age group do you enjoy teaching? 

  • What matches up best with your musical skillsets
  • What would your teaching space accommodate? 
  • Would you like to teach part-time or full-time? 
  • Can you teach during the day, after school, or both?

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Once you know what curriculum you want to teach, learn about the curriculum requirements details, by clicking the specific button(s) below. 

Let's Play Music for ages 4-7       Sound Beginnings for ages 0-4        Connections for ages 7-12

How Do I Apply?

Once you've selected the curriculum you'd like to teach, you'll complete the application process. It consists of the 4 steps below. All steps need completing before you attend our music teacher training and lessons.

Step #1 Submit Application & Demo Video (1-2 weeks to complete)

After reading the curriculum requirements from above, fill out the Application Form and pay the $25 application fee to get the process going! You then will receive instructions to create a 6-8 minute video of your teaching! Don't worry, we'll send you a detailed lesson plan to follow along with an `example video you can watch as you prepare.

Step #2: Interview & Acceptance (1-2 weeks to complete)

When we receive your video submission we will contact you to schedule a face-to-face 30-minute interview via Zoom and then you'll be offered the opportunity to license as a teacher. 

Step #3: Onboarding & Preliminary Training (1 week for onboarding / 4 weeks for Preliminary)

The onboarding includes reading and signing your licensing agreement, selecting your Curriculum Training date and among other things, you'll gaining access to the online self-paced Preliminary Training that must be completed before attending the Curriculum Seminar.

Create your timeline

If you're ready to become a teacher, create your timeline by looking at the training and lessons schedule and laying out a feasible path for you to attend the Curriculum Training. 

  • Submit App & Demo Video: approx.1-2 weeks to complete
  • Interview & Acceptance: approx.1-2 weeks to complete
  • Onboarding - approx.1 week
  • Preliminary Training - 4 weeks (approx. 40 hours)
  • Curriculum Training begins!

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How Does Training Work? 

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Once you obtain your license to teach, you will begin your Teacher Training. The training consists of four units that will provide you with the necessary education, skills, and support to begin teaching your specific curriculum. 

Preliminary Training: Online - 4 weeks / 40ish hours

The training includes videos and reading designed to help you set up your studio. By the end, you'll be ready to teach a practice Sample Class. (Must be complete before attending the Curriculum Seminar.)

Curriculum Seminar: (*Recommended option) *Live - 1 full day OR Online - 2 weeks 

This training includes learning the methods and philosophies of the specific curriculum you will be teaching. We demonstrate the curriculum activities, the curriculum flow, and we cover topics such as classroom management, music theory, solfege, rhythm, technique, teaching practices, and the developmental needs of teaching children.

Post Seminar Prep: Online - 1 week

The Post Seminar Prep is an online set of tasks that will help you prepare to teach! We support you in establishing your goals and offer recruiting training and support. 

Field Training: Online Zoom - throughout the school year 

Field Training is our "in-the-field" hands-on training and mentoring while teaching. You will complete your certification requirement by videoing a specified class and evaluate your teaching. Your Training Team will hold an online zoom training where they will continue to teach you how to successfully navigate your teaching for that year. 

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Let's Play Music Teacher:
3-year curriculum emphasizing piano and theory for ages 4-7.

Sound Beginnings Teacher:
'Mom and Me' classes for families with children ages 0-4.

Presto Teacher:
accelerated piano classes (based on Let's Play Music method) for ages 8-12.


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