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Become a teacher and grow your studio! Follow your passion to teach music in the best way possible. Make more money in less time as you teach 3-4 students per class in the acclaimed Let's Play Music method.

The cost to become a teacher can be paid in $99/month installments and includes Licensing Fees, Training Seminars, Teacher Materials, Student Materials, and promotional materials.


All The Details

We are happy to share with you the information that will help you decide if PRESTO is the right fit for you.

Below are 5 sections that explain the key things you need to know to become a teacher. Please read each carefully, as it is imperative that our potential teachers understand the information contained. The application form to apply is at the end of this information.


Potential Income

The potential for you to earn income as a PRESTO teacher is almost entirely up to you! Group lessons greatly increase your earnings potential from private lessons. The three factors involved in projecting your income are:

  1. Tuition amount
  2. Class size
  3. Number of classes

A typical teacher whose students pay $400 per semester tuition and teaches 4 classes per week with four children in each class will earn about $1500/month.

  • Tuition Amount: If PRESTO is already being taught in your area, tuition amount will already be established. If you are in an area where it is not yet established, you will determine tuition amount. You will want to consider the community you live in, its expendable income, and its attitudes toward music and music education. You will also look at the market value of private and group piano lessons within your community. In addition, if you plan on teaching out of a commercial facility rather than your home, you will charge slightly more. Suggested range: $400-550 per semester per student (or $100-125 per month).
  • Class Size: Recommended class size is 3-4 students. Students each require their own keyboard in class, so adequate space is a must.
  • Number of Classes: You can determine the number of classes you will teach. It is in your best interest to teach at least two classes of the same level. As you become fully certified in both levels, you may teach as many classes at each level as your schedule permits. Successful teachers teach anywhere from 4-10 classes per week.


Financial Obligation

This is a business opportunity in which you will become licensed and certified to teach the Let’s Play Music: PRESTO curriculum, with its materials, logos, and trademarks. Within certain parameters, you run your studio as it suits you..

Licensing Fee: The licensing fee for the entire program is $2500 and includes two all-day training seminars, teacher certification credential, teaching materials, promotional aids, and ongoing mentoring. The licensing fee is payable in monthly installments of roughly $99 over a 25 month period.

Teacher Support Fee: Teachers pay a support fee to Let's Play Music based upon student enrollment. The fee is $8 per student per month of the 8 month teaching year. This support fee gives you personal access to our skilled mentoring teams, online teacher resource center, website exposure, office and administrative support, and semi-annual training meetings.

Background check fee: All teachers must complete a background check including fingerprinting. This fee varies by local fingerprinting costs but entire process is normally under $50.

Liability Insurance: All Let’s Play Music teachers are required to have liability insurance for their studios. You can find your own insurance, or we affiliate with a company that will insure you for approximately $18-25/month depending on your state.

Other Equipment (not provided by Let's Play Music): Other costs include instruments, equipment and supplies needed but not provided by Let’s Play Music.

Each student in your class will need a full size (88 key) keyboard or piano with fully weighted keys. These range in price from about $500-$800 each. You will also need a tambourine, gathering drum, miscellaneous small toys and/or puppets and a sound system (CD player, iPod station, etc.). You can expect to spend a total of about $150- $250 in these additional expenses to get your studio up and running.


 Included in Licensing Fee:

The licensing fee includes the following services:

  • Training Seminars: Each curriculum year of PRESTO includes pre-seminar online training and then in-person attendance at a full day training seminar with our expert staff.
  • Teacher Support: You will be guided throughout the two year training process by an experienced Training Team. Training videos, evaluation, and coaching will ensure your success as a teacher.
  • Teaching Materials: You will receive Teacher’s Manuals, Lesson Plans, all Visual Aids, Teacher Tools (Magnetic Staff board, Giant Floor Staff), teacher T-shirt, Yard Sign, and teacher copy of all Student Materials.
  • Certification Program: Our experienced Training Teams guide teachers through a professional certification process. After the requirements have been satisfied, each teacher is given a certification credential ensuring they have been properly educated in our methods and philosophies. Teachers go through a simple recertification process every three years ensuring that the curriculum experience is consistent between studios. This safeguards our quality curriculum and maintains a high standard of teaching.
  • Continuing Education: Let's Play Music provides continuing education opportunities through our online teacher forum, teacher collaboration platforms, and yearly national convention.
  • Business and Marketing Tools: Website exposure with personal Teacher Storefront, brochures, forms, professional emails, recruiting training, social media art, online student management system and more are all yours to assist you in building a thriving studio.


Time Commitment

  • Training consists of 4-6 week self-paced reading and book work, an all day seminar, and additional extension trainings via internet. Once classes begin, you will continue your training by videoing a specific class for review by you and our Training Teams. You can expect to spend 3-4 hour in this certification by video process.
  • You can expect to spend 1-2 hours per week executing the tasks of running your business: i.e. bookkeeping, recruiting, keeping up to date on policies, etc.
  • Class periods are 60 minutes weekly and you can expect to spend the same amount of time preparing for your classes.

Two years of the curriculum are taught in four sequential semesters, each 15 weeks long. Consistency in weekly lessons is essential so teachers must commit to teaching classes and completing the two year curriculum.


Teaching Facility

  • Your studio space must be large enough to accommodate at least 3 students and their keyboards plus a small floor area for teaching. Many teachers are able to teach in their own homes in a family room or den space.
  • If your home is in a neighborhood or municipality that restricts home based businesses, you may want to check with your local authorities to determine the viability of a teaching out of your home.
  • If you teach in a commercial facility, you will charge slightly higher tuition to offset overhead expenses.
  • Your teaching space will need to be insured to $500,000 and name Let's Play Music as the 'additional insured'. Policy options can be provided if needed. The cost of these policies varies by area, but most have premiums around $18-25 per month.

Teacher Application

Watch this sample class video to better understand the training process prior to attending curriculum training.

Now that you have all the details, are you ready to fill out an application? 

When you submit your application you will be directed to confirm your email with us and pay a one time $25 application fee.

*Please note: a self-evaluation score is required when submitting your application. If you haven't had the chance to take the self-evaluation, click here. If you have already taken it you can find your score in your email inbox. The email was sent from "" and is titled, "Self Evaluation Form." Presto applicants must be able to easily read and play repertoire from a level 3B piano course.


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