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What is this? Let's Play Music carefully trains competent musicians to teach our method. The training process includes 1-day seminars for each of the three years and also year round coaching and mentoring.

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Let's Play Music Teachers Testimonials

"This is the way that music instruction was meant to be--FUN! Let's Play Music is fun for not only the children, but for the parents and teacher as well. The teaching manuals are extremely concise; making everything from setting up your business to setting up the classroom a cinch. Lesson plans are so easy to follow and are detailed down to the minute. After teaching private lessons for 10 years, I only wish that I had been introduced to Let's Play Music sooner."

Julie Fischbeck – teacher in Mesa, AZ


"One of my favorite things about Let's Play Music is that it's fun and playful, but every bit of play is also purposeful. It's such a wonderful way to learn all the aspects of music that are usually thought of as chores - ie, scales, chords, theory, sight reading, etc."

Tara Laudie – teacher in Overland Park, KS


"Being a teacher of the Let's Play Music Program has given me the opportunity to do everything I love to do: teach wonderful music to children at an age I love to be with and all in the comforts of a private studio in my own home! It is all encompassing!"

Janalee Marriott – teacher in Boston, MA


"I have a degree in piano pedagogy and have been teaching piano for many years before I discovered Let's Play Music. I am so impressed with the creative and logical sequence of the lessons, the ingenious ways that theory concepts are taught, and the purposeful activities of each lesson. Children who learn this way will have an AMAZING music foundation and love for music! Besides that, Let's Play Music is so fun!"

Laura Fletcher – teacher in St. George, UT


"I have been teaching Let's Play Music for almost eight years now. I love the excitement and energy of the lessons. The students really love to come to class. I get so excited when I see the progress they are making. I feel I am making a difference in the world, or someone's world, by what I am able to teach."


"The lessons are very easy to follow and are perfectly organized. I don't have the time to put together lessons each week, so this is something I appreciate! The first year I taught, I studied and studied each lesson. The second time teaching was simply brushing through the lessons. So, I find that the longer you teach, the easier it gets and the more ideas you have to help the students learn. I seem to get more excited each time I teach. The students bring in a new excitement to each year. This program is the most complete program for teaching children music that I have come across. I love knowing that the students are getting an incredible gift to share their whole life!"

Jennifer Smith – teacher in Mesa, AZ


"I love to teach this program! The lesson outlines are detailed and easy to follow. Each lesson is fun and there's always something new for the students to look forward to. Coming into the program I was a little hesitant to guarantee the results that are promised, but no longer! The premise that children learn through play shouldn't surprise us, and to see it in action is thrilling!"

Adena Duffy – teacher in Littleton, CO

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