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What is this? Let's Play Music carefully trains competent musicians to teach our method. The training process includes 1-day seminars for each of the three years and also year round coaching and mentoring.

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Phone Interview Schedule & Training Seminar Dates

We are excited about our 2017 training year!  Our interview schedule, deadlines, and training seminar dates are below.  Click the "How Do I Start" button to the left to learn the steps that must be completed before signing up for a training seminar.

All  applications must be completed 6 weeks prior to seminar.   Don't delay!  Submit your application ASAP!

2017 Phone Interview Schedule and Deadlines:

  Interview Session  
Application Deadline
Video Deadline 
Session 1** Discount
Week of October 3
September 22
September 30
 Session 2** Discount
Week of November 7
October 3
October 17
 Session 3* Discount
Week of December 5
November 7
 November 21
Session 4
Week of January 9
 December 5
December 19
Session 5
Week of February  6
January 17
January 31
Session 6
Week of March  13
February 17
 March 3
Session 7
Week of March  27th
March 10
March 24
Session 8
Week of April  17th
March 31
April 14

**Sessions 1 and 2 offer a $200 discount.   Applicant must have interviewed in either of the first two sessions and register for their seminar by November 18th to receive this discount.

*Session 3 offers a $100 discount. Applicant must have interviewed in session 3 or sooner and register for seminar by December 31 to receive this discount. 

2017 Training Seminar Dates:

  • Friday, February 10  -- Salt Lake City, UT (no longer accepting applications)
  • Friday, March 10 -- Dallas, TX (no longer accepting applications)
  • Friday, April 28 -- Phoenix, AZ (no longer accepting applications)
  • Thursday June 8-- Salt Lake City, UT (JUST ADDED)
  • Late summer  seminar date and locations may be added based on demand.

All  applications must be completed 6 weeks prior to seminar.   Don't delay!  Submit your application ASAP!

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