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Composition Contest WINNERS 2023

Updated: Jun 7

At Let's Play Music, we encourage students to learn more than just reading and performing music; we teach them how to create something new!

This year, over 1800 3rd Year Let's Play Music students and over 500 Presto Year II students in the US and Canada composed music with us. These are the best of those compositions completed by our grads this year.

We want to show you some of our favorites, as selected by our guest judge, Dr. Stephen Mitton.

Best OVERALL (Let's Play Music): Going to the Park with Mom by Benjamin From the Studio of: Celia Brasfield

Best OVERALL (Presto): Amalgination by Nathan From the Studio of: Melissa Richardson

Most ORIGINAL: Dutch's Great Escape by Mia From the Studio of: Tiffani Judd

Best Story: Bees Going Home by Jude From the Studio of: Anna Hinkley

Best Use of ABA Form: Artist's Song by Harper From the Studio of: Kim Thomas

Best Melody: Flowers by Claire From the Studio of: Barbara Gill

Best Use of Chords:

A Day at the Ballpark by Eli

From the Studio of: Luanne Harms

Honorable Mention, Best Overall (Let's Play Music): The Aquarium by Derrick From the Studio of: Darlayne Coughlin

Runner Up, Best Overall (Presto): The Hogwart's Mystery by Andrew From the Studio of: Teresa Shaver

Honorable Mention, Best Overall (Presto): The Graveyard by Conner From the Studio of: Paige Allred

Honorable Mention, Most ORIGINAL: Day, Night, Evening, and Sunset by Roman From the Studio of: Emily LeFevre

Honorable Mention, Best Story: Lost Bird in the City by Josh From the Studio of: Sheleena Cope

Honorable Mention, Best Use of ABA: Jump Little Dolphins, Jump! by Sophia From the Studio of: Sherri Jensen

Honorable Mention, Melody: It's Twelve O'Clock by Molly From the Studio of: Heather Anderson

Honorable Mention, Best Use of Chords: Galaxy Peace by Christian From the Studio of: Kathy Nelson

Congratulations to these kids, families, and parents AND all who have successfully composed, published, and performed their very first piano piece!

Guest Judge:

This year, our honorary judge was Stephen Mitton. He is a composer, performer, and educator based in Mesa, Arizona. He holds a Doctorate in Music Composition from the University of Michigan and was recently named MMTA's Commissioned Composer for the year 2021.

In his compositions, Dr. Mitton aims to grab audiences’ attention by generating short, memorable motifs and melodies that serve an overarching narrative or concept. His music is frequently centered on exploring the mental landscapes where language, memories, dreams, and emotions overlap. Does that sound similar to how we help our students craft their compositions? You can image how honored we feel that such a thoughtful and creative composer agreed to be our judge for our LPM musicians.

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