Let's Play Music
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What is this? Let's Play Music is a music theory course that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading and ear training... and it's accomplished through play!

Students Ages 4-8

What is this? Sound Beginnings is a course to develop intelligence and confidence in your child in a setting of music, play, and parental nurturing!

Students Ages 2-4

Refer a friend and earn $cash$

Potential new teachers are lurking all about your neighborhood!  You won't know for sure if they are  interested in running a business or teaching group classes unless you share the idea! Tell these folks about Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings and find out if it's just the experience they've been waiting for!

  • Friendly music or piano teachers
  • Fun moms
  • Fun music teacher at church or preschool
  • A performing musician
  • A leader from scouts, sports, or school  
    • If she loves children...
    • And loves music....

They could be the next great teacher in your area!  Click the buttons on the right for curriculum specfiics and  application requirements.

We Prize Your Referral!
When a new teacher, referred by you, attends training, you get $50! When they recruit their first batch of students  that year, you can earn an additional recruiting bonus!  Click below for complete details and to refer a friend! 


Refer a friend to teach Let's Play Music and earn up to $200*


Refer a friend to teach Sound Beginnings and earn up to $100*



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