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What is this? Sound Beginnings carefully trains musicians with a love for children to teach our program. The training process includes one full day seminar and year round coaching and mentoring.

Students Ages 2-4

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If you are looking for information on becoming a Let's Play Music teacher, click here

We are now accepting applications for our November 2017 training seminar.

Becoming a teacher may be easier than you think. We conveniently offer one day training seminars throughout the year. You can begin teaching your Sound Beginnings classes as soon as you complete your training and recruit your first class. Submit your application today and begin teaching within as little as three months.* 

The cost to become a teacher can be paid in $45/month installments and includes Licensing Fees, Training Seminars, Teacher Materials, Student Materials, and promotional materials.



Upcoming Training Seminar Dates:

  • Friday November 10, 2017 Phoenix, AZ
  • Friday February 23, 2018 SLC, UT
  • Friday April 6, 2018 Chicago, IL
  • Friday June 8, 2018 SLC, UT

*All applications must be submitted at least 10 weeks prior to training seminar date.

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What are the steps? 

Step #1 Submit Application and Video (1 month process)

Submit an application and pay the $25 application fee to get the process going! You then will receive instructions to create a 6-8 minute video of you teaching! 

Once you submit your application, you will have 1 month to submit your video.  If the month passes and you don't get to it, don't worry!  You can resubmit your application (without the $25 fee) and get another month to get the video done. 

Step #2: Interview and Video follow up (2 week process)

Once your video is submitted we will contact you to schedule a face to face  30 minute interview via zoom. 

Step #3: Seminar Registration and Training Prep (4-6 week process)

Choose which Training Seminar** (see above) you would like to attend and begin your training track.

Click below for all the details about becoming a teacher.


**Buddy Bonus discount available

Find a friend in your area to train with you and if you become teachers you will each get a 25% discount off the licensing fees. CLICK HERE for complete details. 



Not sure you want to register just yet? Watch a free class demo video! Watch Demo Video

Or Request a free Sample Lesson Plan!