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What is this? Let's Play Music is a music theory course that emphasizes total musicianship through piano playing, singing, classical music, note reading and ear training... and it's accomplished through play!

Students Ages 4-8

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This Month's Testimonial Winner

As a student of the Suzuki method in violin and piano, I fell in love with LPM because of its detailed, intentional ear-training, chord-reading, and rhythm-and-beat playing, all the while incorporating these lessons within FUN!! There is a reason and purpose behind every song, and each lesson builds upon the other with thought and intentionality. The kids love the puppet shows, as they perfectly match the music with fun "stories." It cultivates their imagination and heightens their appreciation of music, which is what LPM is all about! I love the group atmosphere, where the kids can listen to and learn from each other, as well as make friends since music IS a shared experience. All in all, I appreciate the teachers that we've had, the home environments where the love of music is cultivated in, and the deliberate, thoughtful, and especially fun way in which LPM has taught my kids to fall in love with and begin to appreciate the technicalities of music!!

Charlene -  parent
Amy Strong - teacher in California

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More Parent Testimonials

"Increases confidence like no other....."

"I love getting to see my children in their musical knowledge & confidence as they progress through Let's Play Music. My four year can sing all about the planets in the solar system & spell her name is sign language. She loves singing & dancing every week. My six year old is able to identify all of his chord & count out rhythms perfectly! My seven year is able to listen to a series of notes played in one chord & transpose them to a different cord & my nine year old (who graduated last year) still loves to sit at the piano & compose his own pieces. This program was so wonderfully created & teaches amazing lifelong musical skills. I wish LPM existed when I was their age! I love this program, believe in it, & recommend it to everyone I know."

Jessica -  parent
Allison Browning - teacher in California

"My husband and I have always been involved in music and wanted that for our children. We happened upon "Let's play music", three years ago. We are AMAZED at the theory, ear training, and skills (transposing, composing, etc) that are built into the fun of the three year curriculum. I was a student in the Suzuki method, and traditional piano for years without learning what my 7 year old knows! And just by attending class with them, and helping them practice, my abilities as a musician and vocalist have improved. Now that our 2 year old is in the Sound Beginnings program, she asks every morning if it is music class. She loves to sing, dance, and learn! She can even solo sing a pentatonic scale on pitch! Let's play music has been an amazing program for our whole family!"

Chandra -  parent
Allison Browning - teacher in California

"My daughter is a second year Let's Play Music student. She can not wait to go to class each week, she LOVES LPM. This year she's learning so much new information and doing quite well! She surprises me everyday with how much she's soaking up! She so passionate about LPM and I enjoy watching her quickly soak up all that LPM curriculum she's learning. She loves showing off her new skills on the piano. I am so glad we enrolled her in this program. It's so rewarding!"

Brittany - parent
Nykelle Pollastro - teacher in Benton, Illinois

"Lydia is my fourth child to be in Let's play music. I can't rave enough about how wonderful the program truly is. The movement that they are required to do as they learn the notes helps them internalize the sounds. My older kids can pick up any sheet music and immediately know the rhythm and sounds to it. They couldn't do that without all they learned in Let's play music!" 
–Ingrid Ahlstrom

"LPM has given my 1st grade boy confidence like none other. Recently we were on a Christmas train ride when the host said they were going to have a talent show, without hesitation our son grabbed the microphone and started singing on key and without making a mistake. Thank You Ms. Emily and Lets Play Music for giving my son endless confidence and skills."

Lindsay - parent
Emily Reynolds - teacher in Heber, Utah


"Music time is our important bonding time. It's a great opportunity for my daughter and I to do something we both love... and it's all done through play! She loves to sing and I love that she is growing into an amazing musician! 

Raquel - parent
Tina Gosney - teacher in Idaho


"Let’s Play Music is the most phenomenal music training program I have ever seen! I love that I get to go to lessons with my children! Even though I had music lessons all my life, I am amazed with all I learn every time I go! And we have so much fun the kids don’t even realize they’re learning!"
– Janae Adams


"We were sitting in the car listening to the classical station and from the back of the car Christian said, 'Mom, this part is just like the beginning of the song, only its minor and sad now!' I was thrilled that his exposure to classical music in Let’s Play Music had made him aware of the different themes. We all listen to music a little differently now!"

Adrienne Buckner

"Concepts disguised in the fun......"

"Let’s Play Music is a highlight of our busy week. It adds a dimension of appreciation for music that the whole family can feel and enjoy. Its teaching is so clear and relevant to young minds."
Maria Nissen


"There’s no time for boredom or distraction in Let’s Play Music as the lessons keep things moving with infectious enthusiasm and positive interaction with the children. Emma loves to sing the songs and sound them out on the piano. The songs are very age appropriate. She is learning musical concepts and she doesn’t even realize it!"
– Shera Mae Walker

"Real musicians self correct......"

"The attention span of a four year old is very minimal. Because everything is hands on-voices on, she is consistently involved. I feel that Brooke is learning music skills that will last her a lifetime. She is learning skills while having a fabulous time!"
– Jenee Prince


"I have experienced the magic of Let’s Play Music first hand with my youngest son. We had such a great experience, and it has formed the best foundation for my son’s love for music, not to mention his academic success. I have been amazed at the amount of learning that is present in every class period. Let’s Play Music packs musical learning disguised as play into every minute."
Lilli Hiatt


"Our daughter began the program as a quiet, shy girl that lacked confidence. After completing the three year program she has become a confident, happy and very musically talented little girl I could hardly believe that my little seven year old could compose, memorize and perform a song in front of hundreds of people. This program is far and above any other musical program I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine our lives without it!"
Leisann Dickerson



Music Educator Testimonials

"Let's Play Music teaches that music is fun by introducing music as a total experience, and then teaches the musical symbolization of that experience. It includes the best concepts from Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly and others. The concepts used to teach the student beat, rhythm and note value are incredible. They are so fun, the learner will never forget! Let’s Play Music has its strongest roots in the Kodaly philosophies, which have been proven as the best comprehensive training in rhythm, solfege, sight-singing, listening, writing, performing, and creating."

- Sherie Kent, MA Music Education, ASU


The Let’s Play Music program prepares the musical palette in young children so that they have the necessary skills to excel in private music instruction. There is no substitute for a solid foundation in early music study. I have witnessed its value in every young piano student who graduates from this program."


Barbara Spoelman, PhD Piano Performance, ASU

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