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West Jordan students enrolled in Presto receive accelerated piano instruction. They learn ear training, rhythm, music history, proper piano technique, and sight reading. We use engaging and fun learning tools to develop well-rounded musicians.

Making Piano Fun Again

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Presto I Student Materials - $74

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All students are musical, provided they receive the appropriate tools. The Let’s Play Music piano classes for kids in West Jordan, UT  have specifically curated course materials to help all children succeed.

We've Struck a Chord!

What Parents Are Saying about Presto!

This program has been AMAZING for my daughter. She had taken piano for a couple of years before getting into the program and while she enjoyed it well enough, she truly began her love for playing the piano when she started this program. It is engaging, fun, interactive, and so exciting. My daughter comes home from piano so excited to show me everything she learned. She wants to practice as soon as she gets home from practice, which isn't usually the case with piano lessons. As a pianist myself, I have been amazed with the technique and theory instruction. Not only is it a fun, enjoyable experience, but the complete music training has left me pleasantly surprised. I am beyond impressed with this program and what it has done for my daughter's musical abilities as well as her self-confidence.

Lynsey C.

I love having my kids involved in the Presto program! Piano lessons have become engaging, interactive, and most of all FUN! My kids learn about theory, timing, technique and they love it! The program has even helped me to better understand rhythm and counting in music because the "one and two ands" never made sense to me. It is a lesson packed with a broad approach to music with ear training as well as sight reading. My kids have developed playing skills appropriate for their age while also being able to progress as fast as they would like because the learning method is in place. Piano lessons have never been so good!

Rachel M.

 love everything about the Presto program. It is an excellent program from the older beginner. My 12 year old had thoroughly enjoyed the program. It has kept his attention while teaching beginner piano skills. Not only does my student learn the piano but he gets piano theory, technique and ear training. It really is the entire package and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I have 10 years of piano experience and my beginner Presto student already has as much theory training as I do. He has excelled quickly in the Presto program. Thank you Let’s Play Music for producing such a wonderful program.

Tosha G.

Our students love every exciting and fun lesson in Presto piano classes. They learn music theory, sight singing, ear training, and classical music. Our kid’s piano lessons in West Jordan UT consist of instructors that teach complete musicianship, equipping students with the right tools for musical development. We teach Presto in a group format. Doing so allows positive peer interactions and the incorporation of games to make learning fun. Our students develop proper piano habits and develop as musicians.

Accelerated Class for Musicianship and Piano Skills

Why Presto?

Playing With Style

By beginning piano instruction as early as age 8, students have the opportunity to work on developing proper habits. At this age, they already have the necessary fine motor skills to begin playing piano.

The Let's Play Music curriculum is centered in the teachings of the music masters Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze.  These men were revolutionist who changed the attitudes of teaching music to children.  Their philosophies are at the heart of our curriculum and you will see their methodologies in each detailed lesson plan.

Zoltán Kodály

In the Kodály Method children are first introduced to musical concepts through playful, natural experience. He emphasized the use of the folk song in all early music education, stating that they are the ‘mother tongue’ for teaching music.   Melodic patterning, the repetition of certain notes in a row, trains both the ear and the eye to read the patterns on the staff.  Adding solfeg handsigns and syllables further enhanced the learning experience. He used both folk music and songs that are based on the pentatonic scale to help teach the art of singing in tune.

Émile Jaques-Dalcroze

The Dalcroze method, taught in his Eurhythmics schools, is another approach music educators use to foster music appreciation, ear-training and improvisation while improving musical skills. In this method, the body is the main instrument.  Students learn rhythm and structure by listening to music and expressing what they hear through spontaneous bodily movement. (I.e. walking to quarter notes, skipping to dotted notes.)

Carl Orff

In the Carl Orff approach, children are taught concepts through improvisation, composition and a natural sense of play.  He taught using folk music and music composed by the children themselves.  All musical concepts were taught through singing, chanting, dance, movement, drama and the playing of percussion instruments. He believed the order of instruments should be: 1. Body Percussion  2. Voice  3. Simple Percussion Instruments  4. Barred Instruments

(For example, our tone bell set is an Orff instrument!)

Let's Play Music was founded in great educational philosophies

Learning From the Masters

Program Costs

Presto charges two fees: a materials fee and a class fee. The materials fee is paid directly to Let’s Play Music, and is due annually on the day of enrollment.

Tuition fees are paid in monthly installments directly to your local instructors. To learn more about your specific tuition fees, please contact your local West Jordan instructor. All tuition fees include teaching tools, classes, parent communication, and classroom instrument use.

Find a Teacher Today!

We ensure all our teachers receive thorough training over the course of three years. Find a West Jordan certified teacher today!

Explore our classes!

See below for more information about our other Piano and music classes for Kids in West Jordan.

Ages 0-4

Sound Beginnings is an introductory music class for children 0-4 and a caregiver. The young students learn the language of music through movement, nursery rhymes, playing instruments, singing, and solfége (do-re-mi…).

Ages 4-6

In our flagship program, students ages 4-6 learn critical foundational skills and get an introduction to piano. They also work on ear training, note reading, solfége (do-re-mi…), and chord theory.

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