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Making Musicians By the Numbers

Teachers attended the 2013 Symposium in Mesa, AZ

Classes are about to begin for the year, and you can rest assured that your child is among the lucky group receiving the very best in early music education. Ever wonder just how many young musicians are getting their start in Let's Play Music?

In 2012-13, the total number of students enrolled was 4,577. In May, 942 Orange students graduated. That means if your child entered a composition in our contest, she was competing against nearly a thousand other talented students! Revisit the winners of the 2013 competition HERE. The total number of graduates to date is near 3,000.

Students were taught by our fleet of licensed teachers, which has blossomed to 261 active teachers across the USA (find one near you), with over 50 new expected this next year. Once a few amazing musicians are trained in any area (like the graduates featured HERE and HERE), Let's Play Music quickly spreads: you can see our presence grow across the country:

As numbers of teachers and students rise, Let's Play Music has reinforced the infrastructure of the corporation, implementing a system to continually improve and perfect our student materials and curriculum. Our excellent teacher support and continuing education programs mean that today is a fantastic time to jump in as a Let's Play Music student or teacher.

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