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National Composition Contest 2013 Winners!

Every year hundreds of 3rd year Let's Play Music students culminate their three year experience by creating their very own music composition and then share it with others in a recital. Each teacher selects one composition form his/her studio to submit to the national Let's Play Music Composition Contest where a guest judge decides the winners based on specified criteria.

The 2013 guest judge was Autum Hunt and here are the winners she selected in each area:

Best use of ABA Form: "The Little Unicorn Pegasus" by Hannah Martin Celeste Stott, teacher

Best Use of Chords: "Cousin Abby" by Audrey Mathis Annalee Dinkel, teacher

Best Melody: "You Can Always Dream" by Michaela Moore Melissa Lunt, teacher

Most Original: "Search for the Guarded Gem" by Caleb Harding Raya Grace, teacher

Best Overall (two winners):

"Magic Peacock" by Hailey Chamberlain Heather Prusse, teacher

"Good King vs. Evil King" by Truman Walker Tina Gosney, teacher

Honorable Mention: "Mister Monster" by Tad Reimer Jenny Smith, teacher "Hula Hooping" by Anna Cannegieter Nicole Durland, teacher "Chinese Girls Dancing" by Bella Gillette Amanda Hansen "The Storm " by Aidan Daw Alicia Dansie, teacher "After Halloween" by Olivia Godfrey Sherry Grenko, teacher "Flowers in the Springtime" by Ellie Astle Erin Porter, teacher CONGRATULATIONS!

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