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Our Amazing Musicians!

Our Let’s Play Music students are becoming amazing musicians!! You can see it in the individual stories that their parents share with us. Watch each month as we reveal their stories and experiences, and see the difference a Let’s Play Music foundation makes.

This month’s story comes from Jenny S.:

"Around 9:00 last night, I thought my kids had been asleep for a while when my 8 yr old son came in and said, "Mom, I need a keyboard in my room." I said, "Um, why?" He said "I've got a tune in my head and I need to play it on the keyboard, so I can write it down before I forget it." I about cried. It's truly amazing what musicians these little graduates are!"

Do you have a great story to share? Submit it via the red button on the right that says "Amazing Musicians" submit stories here and we will feature one story each month!

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