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"Raise Your Voice" Winner!

Did you know that you have an opportunity to receive $10 off one month of tuition for your Let's Play Music class? When you submit your "Raise Your Voice" testimonial to Let's Play Music you are not only sharing your love of the program, but you are given a chance to get $10 off your tuition! Raise Your Voice is a monthly contest where parents can submit their response to how Let’s Play Music has impacted their student’s life. Testimonials are posted right on the Let's Play Music main website and each published response receives $10 off tuition for that month!

This month's "Raise Your Voice" winner is Brenda from the studio of Kim Seyboldt. Congratulations! Click here to head over to the website to see what she had to say, then submit your own success story or testimonial for a chance to win next month!

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