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Submit the Application Form  to get the process going! You then will receive instructions to create a 6-8 minute video of your teaching! Don't worry, we'll send you a detailed lesson plan to follow along with and an example video you can watch as you prepare.

Step 1

Submit Application & Demo Video 

( 1-2 weeks to complete )

Our team will review your video to determine if you demonstrate the skills necessary for success. If approved, we will contact you for a video call interview.

Step 2


Congratulations! If you are accepted you will begin our onboarding process which includes singing your Licensing Agreement, selecting your Curriculum Training date, and setting up your profile on our website.

Step 3

Acceptance & Onboarding

Ready to Apply?

Ages 0-4
family music class
$1700 licensing fee*
Ages 4-6
foundational piano
3-year program
$2500 licensing fee*
Ages 7-12
accelerated piano
2-year program
$2500 licensing fee*

What age do you most enjoy teaching?

What matches up best with your musical skillsets

How much teaching space do you have? 

Would you like to teach part-time or full-time? 

Can you teach during the day, after school, or both?

Which Curriculum is Right For You?

*Payment plans available:

Sound Beginnings: 36 monthly payments of $48

Let's Play Music: 36 monthly payments of $69

Presto: 24 monthly payments of $99

“Support makes a difference!"

Thank you so much for all the support and teaching. I wish I’d had this level of support as a brand new elementary school teacher. You make such a difference!


Anna Coles, Riverton, UT

"My Dream Job!"

Let's Play Music has provided me with the opportunity to work from home, use my degree to make good income, and grow personally. It is my dream job, I couldn't have imagined a better life!

Rachel Alldredge, Maple Valley WA.

We've Struck a Chord With Our Teachers!

See what these teachers have to say about Let's Play Music!

Chord Theory

Certified Teachers

Solfege Ear Training

Age Appropriate Methods

expert Piano teacher sitting at the keyboard

Join Let's Play Music's network of top-quality music teachers!

Let's Play Music offers great opportunities in teaching! Our teachers enjoy a substantial source of revenue while doing what they love...teaching music! 

Why Join Our Team?

Teaching a nationally recognized program makes it easy!

See us featured in Markets Insider and Yahoo Finance

Here are the top 4 reasons teachers choose Let's Play Music!

Our Teachers Love the Support We Offer

"Teacher Support is Unmatched"

The teacher support in this company is far and above any other I have experienced. The mentoring and tools available are simply unmatched. I credit much of my success to the way this company supports its teachers.

Luanne Harms, Peachtree City, GA

Do you have what it takes to become a Let's Play Music teacher?

How Does Training Work?

Once you obtain your license to teach, you will begin your Teacher Training. The training consists of four units that will provide you with the necessary education, skills, and support to begin teaching your specific curriculum. 

Preliminary Training:

The training includes videos and reading designed to help you set up your studio. You'll read over company policies and procedures as well as gain foundational insight into your curriculum.

Online—About 10 Hours
Curriculum Seminar: 

This training covers the methods and philosophies of the curriculum. We demonstrate the activities and cover topics such as classroom management, music theory, Solfege, rhythm, technique, teaching practices, and the developmental needs of teaching children.

*Live—1 Full Day or Online—2 Weeks 
Post-Seminar Prep:

The Post Seminar Prep will provide the steps to launch your studio to success! We provide training to help you recruit and support you in reaching your studio goals.

Online—1 Week
expert training for music teachers
Teacher FAQs

Q: What is the difference between the licensing fees and the support fees? Why two fees?

A: Licensing fee is a one time fee that can be paid monthly or all at once. It includes in-person training seminars, teacher support, teaching materials, certification program, continuing education, and marketing tools.

Support fees are paid per student per teaching month. Support fees give personal access to our skilled mentoring teams, online teacher resource center, website exposure, office and administrative support, and semi-annual training meetings.


Q: Why the need for insurance and how much?

A: Liability insurance helps protect your business from claims that it caused bodily injury or property damage to someone else. The liability coverage must be a minimum of $500,000 and must name Let's Play Music as additionally insured. Teachers are required to have liability insurance for their studios. You can find your own insurance, or we can provide references for approximately $18-25/month depending on your state.


Q: Am I an employee of Let's Play Music?

A: No, you are not an employee, you are licensed to teach the curriculum. Teachers collect tuition directly from enrolled students. Teachers are independent and declare their income and pay taxes on that income. Teachers do not receive any paycheck from Let's Play Music.


Q: How do taxes work as a Let's Play Music teacher?

A: Since teachers are not direct employees of Let's Play Music but an independent business owner they are required to declare income and pay taxes accordingly. Let's Play Music cannot give any legal or tax advice since many factors will influence your specific needs and decisions. Consider consulting with an accountant.


Q: Do I need to be an LLC or sole proprietorship?

A: It is not required but completely up to you, the teacher. As a teacher for Let's Play Music, you are now a business owner. There are tax accounting and legal protections you may want to consider as you begin. Whether you form a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company (LLC), or a corporation, there are significant income tax consequences that flow from each. We cannot give any legal or tax advice since many factors will influence your specific needs and decisions. Consider contacting an accountant who will closely look at your circumstances and recommend the best set up for your specific situation.


Q: Do teachers recruit their own students?

A: Yes, teachers are solely responsible to recruit as many students as they want to teach. Let's Play Music offers marketing tools, images, social media posts, mentoring, and more to help teachers recruit. Ultimately, the teacher will contact the parents directly and provide them with the teacher's unique enrollment link. Parents enroll through the Let's Play Music website into the teacher's specific class and purchase materials for that class as part of the enrollment process. Teachers distribute materials to the students just prior to classes beginning.

2024 Seminar Schedule 
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How Much Money Can You Make?

"More Money in Less Time"

Teaching private piano lessons was beginning to be too time-consuming. I now am making more money in less time since I can teach 4–7 students at a time in my classes.

Christine Cho, Calgary AB, Canada.

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Complete Teacher Curriculum

"Why reinvent the wheel?"

When I first found Let's Play Music, I had been thinking about writing my own music curriculum. Then I discovered that all the work had already been done for me! Why reinvent the wheel? I love that the lesson plans are easy to follow and the lesson materials like posters, manipulatives, workbooks, etc., are ready to go with minimal prep.


Marianne Barrowes, Draper, UT

Our lesson plans are detailed and expertly crafted. Click below to see several examples of each of our three curricula.

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