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Our Let’s Play Music foundational music theory class for children age 4 - 6 is now available online for those in qualifying areas! 

Online Lessons

Online Lessons

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What Parents Are Saying about our Online Lessons!

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As a parent with no musical background, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to help my daughter with her Let's Play Music lessons. The videos and virtual lessons were so fun and gentle we both learned together.

Carrie J.

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We love the Let’s Play Music online program! The videos are well-made and engaging. My 5-year-old has learned so much about music literacy, improved his ear training, and enjoyed making music many different ways from Let’s Play Music online!

Katie S.

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I was very impressed with how much my child learned in just one year. He enjoyed watching the videos and meeting with his teacher each week.

Emily W.

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My son has learned all the basic music skills using the online format as well as received one-on-one lessons from a kind, knowledgeable, and responsive teacher. Having children who have done both the in person version of Let's Play Music and the online version, the online version has been just as effective at teaching the skills. 

Rebekah H.

We believe that in-person music lessons are best, but where that isn’t possible, we now have Let’s Play Music available online! 


Our online program includes engaging and exciting weekly video lessons, and a follow-up visit with a certified teacher. All of our carefully sequenced lessons will lead your child through the full six semesters of the Let’s Play Music curriculum.  You determine when to watch the lessons and when to follow up with your live supervising teacher.

An Engaging, Entertaining Education

Why LPM Online?

Does Your Child Qualify?

You can join if:


•child is age 4-6

•parent or another grown-up can participate in the

video and virtual lesson each week with child

(45 min. weekly time commitment)

•you live more than 30 miles from the nearest

Let's Play Music teacher

Your first lesson is free! We’re confident this is the most engaging, effective online program for your child to learn music!

15 weekly video lessons, 30-35 minutes each, watch when it’s convenient for you!

Live weekly follow up with a certified teacher, at a time you choose 

Access to the Let’s Play Music app with music and learning games


$320/Semester and includes:

  • Tone Bells Set

  • Magnet Board and Magnet Set 

  • Semester Workbook


$88 for the first semester and includes:

  • Visual Aids Set

  • Semester Album

  • Tote Bag

  • Dancing Scarf

Tone Bells Set

Magnet Board and Magnet Set 

Semester Workbook

Visual Aids Set

Semester Album 

Tote Bag

Dancing Scarf

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