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The Bridge Program may be used either of two ways:

•Individual use of the Bridge Materials with a private teacher

•Find a teacher and attend a Bridge class

music teacher helping student learn to play the piano

to Bridge

This is a 1-year program perfectly designed for Let's Play Music graduates. 

Chord Theory

Certified Teachers

Solfege Ear Training

Age Appropriate Methods

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The Bridge Program is available as a 1-year program with weekly classes of LPM graduates. Students attend 60-minute group classes of 3-4 students where they will build upon their musical foundation. This rich curriculum includes exciting repertoire, classical music study, rhythm exercises, scale and technique practice and fun in a small group setting. 

Bridge Classes

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Bridge group music class with teacher and students

Get The Full Curriculum

For Teachers

The entire Bridge Curriculum is available as a complete download for unlimited studio use. Student materials may be printed and sold to students as part of studio materials.

Complete Bridge Curriculum download includes:

30 lesson plans

Teacher Instruction Section

Visual Aids

Complete Student Materials
(see below)

set of Bridge music lesson workbooks and songbooks

Bridge Complete Set

Bridge music lessons workbooks and songbooks

Bridge Sibling Set

Crafted to Educate and Engage

Bridge Materials

Student Materials are designed specifically for the Let's Play Music graduate, but the Songbook, Technique Book, Flashcards, and Accompaniment Tracks are appropriate for any piano curriculum at about the 1A/1B level.

Bridge has a wonderful accompaniment of books to keep students excited about learning music!

Magic Key Technique Book

84 pages of scales, cadences, arpeggios and more to practice proper piano technique.

Repertoire Book

Over 25 appealing songs about level 1A/1B.

Student Workbooks

Two theory workbooks, 91 pages each.

 Accompaniment Tracks

61 appealing and exciting accompaniment tracks to play as backup to scales and cadences.

Click below to get C Major and E Natural minor FREE! 

Student Books

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