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music teacher helping young girl with playing the piano

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Welcome to this teacher list for your Let's Play Music graduate. We have wonderful transition options for your child to continue in their musical development. 

Chord Theory

Certified Teachers

Solfege Ear Training

Age Appropriate Methods

These private piano teachers have become connected with us by attending a presentation on Let's Play Music and understand the basics of the program. They have familiarized themselves with the Student Review Book that students receive upon graduation from Let's Play Music. These teachers are ready to get to know your child's skill level using this book in their private piano studio. 

Connections Teachers

Connect with a Let's Play Music teacher
Bridge group music lessons

These teachers offer a unique option for your Let's Play Music graduate. The Bridge Program is a 1-year extension of Let's Play Music concepts. After completion of the Bridge program, the students will then transition into private instruction. Click the icon above for more information about this program.

Bridge Teachers



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