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Full Let's Play Music Demo

Let's Play Music Full Class

Short Let's Play Music Demo

Red Balloons: Staff Reading

Blue Bugs: Rhythm Reading

Green Turtle Shells: Harmonic Intervals

Yellow Arrows: Playing a Major Scale

Purple Magic: Key Signatures

Orange Roots: Chord Theory

Let's Play Music

Let's Play Music

Let's Play Music

Sound Beginnings Demo

Sound Beginnings Full Class

Sound Beginnings

Presto Demo

Presto Full Class


Videos and Course Demos

Want to learn more about our programs? Below you will find a selection of videos and demos for you to see Let's Play Music classes in action! Use the buttons below to quickly navigate to course-specific content.

Let's Play Music

An Overview of the Student Transfer Guide

(More Student Transfer Tools)

See the Student Transfer Guide in Action

(More Student Transfer Tools)

Student Transfer Guide

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