Let's Play Music
What is this? Endorsed Connections piano teachers have taken the time to learn about the Let's Play Music method and curriculum, and are well-equipped to help create a smooth transition to private piano lessons for our graduating students.


Connect with Let's Play Music

As a growing company with more teachers, students and graduates each year, we are reaching out to our community of music teachers.  We want our graduates to connect with the very best piano teachers.  And when you become acquainted with our students and the musical foundation we offer them, you will be anxious to connect with Let's Play Music too! 


Partners in Music Education

By working together, we can ensure the best possible transition for our Let's Play Music students as they begin private piano lessons.  Let's Play Music students receive an excellent base of theory, ear-training, note-reading, singing and beginning piano playing.  Over the course of our 3-year curriculum, they develop core skills, good habits and a love of music that translates to enthusiastic piano students with involved and supportive families.

We are confident that our partnership will further our common goal of providing students with an outstanding musical education! 

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