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  • 8-Note Tone Bell Set
  • 8-Note Tone Bell Set
  • 8-Note Tone Bell Set

8-Note Tone Bell Set


8 colorful removable tone bells with logo carrying case and 2 mallets. Engraved with letter names C-c and solfege names in the keys of C major and F major. May we recommend our 8-Note Songbook


Our custom, Let’s Play Music Tone Bell Set is perfect for young musicians. Order one today to support your child along their musical journey.



Our customized tone bell set offers some great features:


  • Logo carrying case, so you can proudly display your connection to the Let’s Play Music program

  • 8 removable tone bells that allow for easy cleaning

  • Engraved keys to help your child learn the letter names C-c and solfege names in the keys of C major and F major 



Tone bells help young musicians in countless ways. A few benefits tone bells offer include:


  • Improved motor control—both fine-motor control and gross motor skills

  • Increased auditory processing

  • Familiarity with beat, pitch, rhythm, and melody

  • Improved hand-eye coordination

  • Increased confidence levels


Recommended Programs

Let’s Play Music provides musical instruments for children! Our wonderful tone bell set is ideally suited for students in our Let’s Play Music program. We work with children ages 4 to 6 in attaining mastery of tone bells during this program. Having a set at home will allow your child to continue practicing, even when they are not actively participating in class. Incorporating music into every part of a child’s life will help them achieve complete musicianship.


Students in our Presto program will also benefit from our tone bell set. The Presto program works with students in an accelerated learning environment. So, having additional musical instruments for your child and resources at home will help boost their confidence and comfort level.


Recommended Related Products

Unstructured play with musical instruments is crucial to help children explore their love of music. Make sure you have all of the appropriate tools for those moments when it’s time for structured learning. 


The 8-Note Songbook is a must-have to equip your child with everything they need to excel in their musical abilities.


To complete your child’s musical instrument collection and help them develop a comprehensive set of musical skills, consider our full Rhythm and Movement Set. 


Order your 8-Note Tone Bell Set today and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our musical instruments for children or music classes. 

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