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  • 8-Note PlayPipes™
  • 8-Note PlayPipes™
  • 8-Note PlayPipes™
  • 8-Note PlayPipes™

8-Note PlayPipes™


"Whack" the plastic pipe to make the pitch! Use your hand, arm, another pipe, a table, chair... anything!


Our colorful 8-Note PlayPipes™  are labeled with letter names and with solfege in the key of C major and F major - just like our tone bells. The color coding make them perfect for any of our 8-Note Songbooks


Pipes range in length from 24 ½" to 12".



Some of the fantastic features of our 8-Note PlayPipes include: 


  • Letter names and solfege in the keys of C major and F major

  • Color-coded pipes that correspond with our songbooks

  • Ease of cleaning 



8-Note Musical Tubes and  PlayPipes are the perfect tool for young musicians that have mastered tone bells. They have additional benefits that help develop musical skills. Some of these are: 


  • Reinforcement of note learning

  • Improved confidence

  • Learn core musical concepts such as rhythm and beat

  • Develop additional auditory processing skills


Recommended Programs

The custom Let’s Play Music 8-Note musical tubes and PlayPipes are perfect for children in our Sound Beginnings and Let’s Play Music programs. Both programs introduce young students to core musical concepts and instruments to help them develop their skills. 


Having a set of musical tubes and PlayPipes at home allows your child to continue practicing outside classroom time. Children benefit greatly when music is incorporated into their daily lives. 


Our older students enrolled in Presto will also benefit from having Let's Play Music PlayPipes at home. Having additional tools at home will help them gain confidence as they work through our accelerated program.


Recommended Related Products

While kids love exploring musical instruments in an unstructured environment, opportunities for more structured learning time often arrive. So make sure you have resources and tools on hand to best support your little musician. 



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