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  • Rhythm & Movement Set

Rhythm & Movement Set


You will love our customized rhythm and movement equipment set! It provides everything you need to encourage musical exploration outside of classes. You will get a 13 piece set to inspire movement and imagination with your child.  Includes pair finger cymbals, pair maracas, pair rhythm sticks, triangle, jingle, tambourine, 2 bean bags and 2 large 48"x24" dancing scarves. (colors may vary)


Some of the amazing features of our Rhythm and Movement Equipment Set include:


  • Easy grips, perfect for even the smallest hands
  • Colorful dancing scarves and instruments to keep your child’s rapt attention
  • Options to suit every musical taste



Our Rhythm and Movement Equipment Set is the perfect addition to every home. They provide the best musical instruments and accompaniments to help children hone their musical skills. Some additional benefits include: 


  • Appropriate tools to reinforce lessons at home
  • Practice musical skills like beat and rhythm
  • Improve overall musical confidence


Recommended Programs


The Let’s Play Music Rhythm and Movement Set is ideal for children enrolled in our Sound Beginnings and Let’s Play Music programs. Each program teaches critical foundational skills to budding musicians.
Having the Rhythm and Movement Set at home gives your child the tools to practice outside class. Children thrive when music is a part of their everyday lives. 

Recommended Related Products


Kids love unstructured play opportunities with everything, even musical instruments. While that is important, it is also critical to periodically offer structured learning time. Equip yourself with the best tools and resources available, and be ready when those moments arrive. That way, you can fully support your musician. 
We highly recommend our 8-Note Songbook to help provide structured learning time.
While our Rhythm and Movement Set has a fabulous collection of instruments, it is not exhaustive. Add a few additional musical instruments so your child can continue to develop their skills. 
Consider adding our 8-Note Tone Bell set or the 8-Note PlayPipes™ to your musical sound instrument collection.

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