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This download requires that you have colored paper to print on. Includes seven unique game cards plus instruction sheet and calling cards. 

bingo colored image small.jpg

Bingo Complete Packet 2018.pdf


Bizet "Magical Lamp" Puppet Show (music from Carmen)

Link to Making Musicians at Home video

This fun puppet show brings the music of Georges Bizet's Carmen to life!  Download instructions for presenting, and the colorful, enticing puppets.  Click below to purchase the music from Amazon for .99 and view a video of a demonstration presentation.

Bizet Puppet Show.jpg

Magical Lamp with Instructions.pdf

Purchase music from Amazon for .99

Magical Lamp black & white puppets - for coloring


Smart Staff
This useful tool is a grand staff on one side and a keyboard on the other.  Print back to back and laminate for an incredibly versatile write on/wipe off board, or for use with manipulatives such as Smarties candies.  Ideas for use included.
Smart Staff cards.jpg

Cut-outs for Magnet Staff
This set of cut-outs fits on any staff with lines 2" apart.  You may use with our Magnetic Staff Board. We also have a pre-printed set of cut-outs available HERE, which includes Treble and Bass Clefs and time signatures.
Magnets small.jpg
This set includes:
  • 8 generic round notes
  • 4 middle C and middle B shaped notes
  • 8 quarter notes
  • 4 half notes
  • 3 whole notes
  • 4 quarter rests
  • 2 half/whole rests
  • 6 accidentals

Large Note-naming Flashcards, Song, and At Home Activities
Our  8.5 X 11 flashcards are perfect for games and group lessons.  Includes cards for notes G2 through F5, prompt cards and instruction sheet for our catchy "Treble, Bass, Line, Space" song.
You can can also use our  'Making Musicians at Home Note Naming Made Easy' videos to learn the names of the notes with our 'Treble, Bass, Line, Space" song (you can even sing in harmony at the end)  and for ideas for games you can play at home or in your studios.
Print flashcards onto your choice of paper or cardstock and laminate or place in sheet protectors.  Enjoy!

TBLS image.JPG
Link to Making Musicians at Home Group Fun Video (coming soon)

Mr. Manners Song and Memory Game
Mr. Manners teaches us all about germs and how to stay healthy!  Download the song to listen and learn! Download and print the memory game below.  Print two sided or print and glue back to back. Then cut into squares and play! You can also see the video on our YouTube channel.
Mr. Manners Matching Cards front.jpg

ABC Pointing Cart
Enjoy pointing to the letters as you sing along!  Print onto colored paper or card stock and laminate.
ABC Chart Color.jpg

Sheet Music with Chords
Play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "On Top of Spaghetti" on the Autoharp App and sing along with this music. 
Twinkle, Twinkle Lead Sheet.jpg  autoharp app.jpg

Hot Cross Buns - First Piano Lesson
Play this simple song from the sheet music.
Hot Cross Buns download.jpg

10 Little Fingers Chart
Count an color as you sing the song with Miss Heather!
Count fingers freebie.jpg

Keyboard Family Worksheet
Print and laminate or put into a sheet protector to practice naming the white keys on a piano with Miss Annalee!
keyboard family card download.jpg

Tone Bell Music and Xylophone App
Download this bell music for "Three Blind Mice" and follow the colors to play the song on our solfege engraved Tone Bells or the Xylophone app!
three blind mice bell music freebie.jpg bell app image.jpg

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