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Chord Theory

Certified Teachers

Solfege Ear Training

Age Appropriate Methods

We agree with the great educator and musician, Zoltan Kodaly. That's why we put so much attention and care into every one of our 21 albums containing over 400 songs.

"Only the best is good enough for a child" ~ Zoltan Kodaly

Our Music

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Music Selection

We carefully curated each album and selected folk songs, classical music, and songs that teach music theory.

Each semester album has 2-3 fully orchestrated classical pieces licensed from professional orchestras such as The London Symphony Orchestra and The Vienna State Opera Orchestra. Pieces are selected for their age-appropriate appeal and easily distinguishable melodic themes.


Sound Beginnings introduces classical pieces as "Smart Moves" with loosely choreographed dance moves.


Let's Play Music presents classical pieces as "Puppet Shows" where individual melodic themes are assigned a character. Children listen for return and variation of themes.


Presto provides historical context for their classical pieces in "Time Travel" segments. Students learn the musical era in which each piece was composed as well as the history, science, art, politics, and architecture of the period.

Classical Music

Quality folk songs are the 'mother tongue' of a child's music language. The folk songs of each culture are passed down in oral tradition because of their natural appeal to children.


The folk songs in our curricula contain intervals, form, and harmonies that train the ear and engender intelligent listening.

Folk Songs

First Year

Keyboard Prep

Second Year

Introduction to Keyboard

Third Year

Piano Skills

All our albums contain songs that teach within the lyrics.


Sound Beginnings songs teach preschool skills such as colors, calendar skills, shapes, letters, numbers, seasons, manners, and more.


Let's Play Music and Presto songs teach music theory concepts such as key signatures, chord structure, interval recognition, note naming, and more.

Music that Teaches

Take a Peek

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Singalong Storybooks

Many of our songs from Sound Beginnings are included with our Singalong Storybook series. These books are of premium quality and engagement.

The Let's Play Music curriculum is centered in the teachings of the music masters Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze.  These men were revolutionist who changed the attitudes of teaching music to children.  Their philosophies are at the heart of our curriculum and you will see their methodologies in each detailed lesson plan.

Zoltán Kodály

In the Kodály Method children are first introduced to musical concepts through playful, natural experience. He emphasized the use of the folk song in all early music education, stating that they are the ‘mother tongue’ for teaching music.   Melodic patterning, the repetition of certain notes in a row, trains both the ear and the eye to read the patterns on the staff.  Adding solfeg handsigns and syllables further enhanced the learning experience. He used both folk music and songs that are based on the pentatonic scale to help teach the art of singing in tune.

Émile Jaques-Dalcroze

The Dalcroze method, taught in his Eurhythmics schools, is another approach music educators use to foster music appreciation, ear-training and improvisation while improving musical skills. In this method, the body is the main instrument.  Students learn rhythm and structure by listening to music and expressing what they hear through spontaneous bodily movement. (I.e. walking to quarter notes, skipping to dotted notes.)

Carl Orff

In the Carl Orff approach, children are taught concepts through improvisation, composition and a natural sense of play.  He taught using folk music and music composed by the children themselves.  All musical concepts were taught through singing, chanting, dance, movement, drama and the playing of percussion instruments. He believed the order of instruments should be: 1. Body Percussion  2. Voice  3. Simple Percussion Instruments  4. Barred Instruments

(For example, our tone bell set is an Orff instrument!)

Let's Play Music was founded in great educational philosophies

Learning From the Masters

We've Struck a Chord!

What Parents Are Saying about Let's Play Music!

I had heard great things about the program and decided to enroll my youngest. Oh, how I wish my older kids had had this program! He has learned SO much. As we are finishing up his 3rd year, I can honestly say I had no idea how much he would learn and be able to do! What a wonderful experience it has been! 

Cheryl M.

I love Let's Play Music! It turned my monotone singing son into a now 12-year-old who has sung solos and loves to sing in choirs! As a music teacher, I am amazed at the wonderful musical foundation that Let's Play Music gives its students. It is so fun and yet so comprehensive!

Amy S.

My kids have always loved music, but Let’s Play Music took them to the next level and has made them into mini musicians! I love this program because it develops a love of music in kids and helps them learn to be creative and explore music from a very young age.

Laura V.

I love the Let's Play Music program! I love the carefully thought out, step-by-step process of teaching music fundamentals to children through age-appropriate methods. This is truly a life-changing experience for children and their parents!

Linda H.

Sound Beginnings Albums:

White Horses, Silver Buttons, Black Spiders, Gold Stars, Brown Teddy Bears and Pink Piggies

Let's Play Music Albums:

Red Balloons, Blue Bugs, Green Turtle Shells, Yellow Arrows, Purple Magic and Orange Roots

Presto Albums:

Presto Rockets, Presto Arrows, Presto Magic and Presto Roots

Making the Music

Our music is created and produced with "only the best is good enough for a child" in mind. We use authentic, acoustic instruments and professional musicians. Our foreign language songs are sung by native speakers. The arrangements are engaging, entertaining, and musically exceptional.

Our Albums

Jess Soelberg Productions (JSP) arranged and produced our album series.

Our Artists

Jenny Smith is our vocal coach and lead singer on our CDs. Jenny has written, performed, and produced her own albums.

Listening Samples

Select a song to hear a sample of the music

Meet the Performers

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