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We Celebrate Accomplishment

Updated: Jun 7

Whether it's a special surprise for practicing, a musical melody birthday wish for your inbox, or an Online program movie premier, we love to take the time to celebrate accomplishments. We actively look for ways to uplift those around us whether it’s our students, other teachers around us, our families and communities, we love to cheer for everyone. There are lots of different ways to do this, but recitals are our biggest, shiniest way we share this core value.

Every student wishes to perform well in front of friends, family, and peers. For a first-year student, this may be the first time they glean a deep understanding of the magic of serious practicing toward a goal. Third-year students are definitely aware that a few weeks' of focus can result in an excellent show.  

At recital time, students have the opportunity and motivation to present their best selves.  They choose to write beautiful, challenging compositions and practice them to perfection.  Because our pass-off songs during the year are sometimes less-than-perfect, recitals give an opportunity to strive for the VERY BEST. Once students know what that feels like, they raise the bar for in-class songs, too.

Students of Nicci Lovell in Mesa, AZ perform classical music puppet show actions during a recital.

It takes muster to get up on stage and perform! Some students are extremely nervous and anxious, but challenge themselves and go onstage nonetheless. While it seems scary, the more a student performs, the more comfortable he becomes at it. Recitals give students opportunities to build courage and confidence.

The Let's Play Music program is designed to celebrate accomplishment and aspire for excellence all year long.  Each time a student echoes Ed, sight-reads Edna's melody, or performs a pass-off song, a small opportunity arises to celebrate. "You really listened carefully…and you got it!"  "You played that song the best I've ever heard you play it!"  "Last week that was really tough for you, but you practiced and now you're doing it faster!" Every activity in class has a purpose in music-teaching, every class takes students one step closer to excellence, and every time children participate in class activities they perform in a micro-recital among peers and parents.  


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