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We Face Challenges with Optimism

Updated: Jun 7

As a small business, we understand the powerful difference that happens when we actively choose to face challenges with optimism. We believe that learning this valuable skill has the ability to change lives and we love the way our curricula naturally teach this lesson.

Learning to persist in the study and practice of music is a great challenge. Innumerable students have found that this choice helps them become stronger, more resilient people.


Most experts agree that a resilient mindset can be taught to kids. This is possible because coping with adversity is dependent on what we think when faced with challenges. Resilient kids react with a "can do" attitude because they think of themselves as capable and competent. They think they can influence their lives, so they take steps to solve their problems. Resilient kids think of mistakes as opportunities to grow; they bounce back and improve. Music class is the perfect venue to find opportunities for teaching.

The first-time students practice new material, it's tough! Each day they practice it again, and it seems a bit easier. By lesson day, they can feel pretty confident. This may seem logical, but new students need reminders. Help them learn to say to themselves, "This is tough today, but I'm going to do it again tomorrow and I know it will be a little easier. I know I can get a little better each day." On that flip side, when a student has not practiced for a while and sits down, playing can seem a bit scary. He might be saying, "I stink! I'm a terrible musician!" Suggest that he say to himself, "This is hard today because I haven't practiced for a long time. That doesn't mean I'm not a good musician. Practice makes easy. I can enjoy easy and fun playing again after I practice a few times."

Every student will experience some set-backs. Developing the complete musician doesn’t happen overnight. As our students look to us for help and guidance as they are practicing new skills, we can be the example they can imitate as they encompass optimism into every challenge they face.


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